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My Vinello, our loyalty program is for all costumers of our shops and for lovers of nice wine and fine drinks. It is also designed for our newer costumers, whom we have managed to impress with an extremely wide range of specially-selected assortments, and whom we look forward to seeing again.

For the opportunity to win every time you shop in our stores, join My Vinello, and receive an electronic card, represented as a QR code that will directly appear on the screen of your smartphone.

How to gain and use bonus points with your card, and what benefits you will receive as a member of My Vinello:

  • When buying from a Vinello store scan the QR code at the checkout. This will allow you to collect bonus points, called Vinello Drops, that are indicated, along with the price, on the label of each item for sale.
  • Vinello Drops are cash equivalent — 10 (ten) Vinello Drops equal 1 BGN (one Bulgarian lev).
  • You can use the value of the Vinello Drops to pay for any purchases in the Vinello stores. You only need to scan the QR code on the screen of your phone when you are at the checkout. Use as many Vinello Drops as you see fit. If there is an additional amount to pay that the Vinello Drops did not cover you may do so in cash or by credit card. If you have enough Vinello Drops in your personal account, you can fully pay the purchase with them. The Drops can only pay for goods that get you Vinello Drops when you buy them.
  • Entering in your personal account, you will regularly get updated information about how many Vinello Drops you have accumulated, spent and have left on.
  • You will get a complete history of every purchase you have made, where you made it and what it was. You will also be notified about how many points you have received or spent on each item.
  • You will receive offers by e-mail, intended only for members of My Vinello.
  • You will be first to receive any information about special promotions and/or new products in our portfolio. You will also get personal invitations to tastings and other planned events in Vinello.